Club Life Now

Although the club was formed as a sporting motorcycle club in 1938, it has now evolved into more of a social club and continues with a focus on powered two wheels. It doesn’t matter what style of bike you have as long as it’s powered – petrol, diesel or electric, although we are still waiting for someone to turn up at one of our events on a diesel or electric bike.

So what do we do?

We have regular Wednesday evening meets at The Adelaide, 57 Park Rd, Teddington, TW11 0AU where we chill out with friends, some have food, some don’t. We generally chat about the bike scene and things going on. We have social ride outs – going to various locations which usually end up in a cafe, the beach, a pub or somewhere else of interest. These usually take place on Sunday’s with various starting/meeting points. Don’t worry if you’ve not ridden in a group or if you think you are too slow; the techniques will be explained to you. We have “big bike only” rides. These tend to be long distance and can involve motorways – so there’s a necessity to be able to make progress. We have weekends away and trips abroad although these aren’t too often. In recent years we have visited include; The South of France, Luxemburg, Austria and Belgium, not to mention the Isle of Man, Scotland and Northern Ireland for the North West 200.

Our events page will give you an outline of what’s coming up, but to join the event, you must make contact with us first.

The sooner you join – the more memories you’ll get.

Further details about the club, please contact us via this link: HERE