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The longest running training school in West London (70-years this year!) is looking for a fresh intake of riding recruits to join us on 2ND JUNE 2018. We have taster sessions and CBT courses on offer, so if you want to get on 2 wheels for the Summer drop me a line.

Anyone who books a CBT course in May will get £10 off, meaning you could pass your CBT with ONE-2-ONE TRAINING for as little as £105*

Experience, longevity, your own PERSONAL TRAINER… You really can’t do any better than that, so get in touch and GET YOUR MOTOR RUNNING!

* Based on normal price of £10 registration and £35 per week for 3 Saturday afternoon training sessions totalling £115. This is purely a guide and training may require less or more sessions to complete. But don’t worry, we’re here to work with you and provide the best CBT training available.