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The last training day for Southern Sporting Training scheme is 3rd November 2018.

It is with regret that, after 58 years of training people to ride motorcycles, the Southern Sporting Training scheme has had to admit defeat and close its’ doors for motorcycle training, following the changes to the licensing laws and the decline in pupil numbers.
The team would like to thank everyone who has supported the Training Scheme over the years, and hope that you all continue to ride safely.
The Southern Sporting Motorcycle Club is still around and if you are interested in becoming a member, or want to sample a club run, please contact our club secretary.


The longest running training school in West London (70-years this year!) is looking for a fresh intake of riding recruits to join us on 2ND JUNE 2018. We have taster sessions and CBT courses on offer, so if you want to get on 2 wheels for the Summer drop me a line.

Anyone who books a CBT course in May will get £10 off, meaning you could pass your CBT with ONE-2-ONE TRAINING for as little as £105*

Experience, longevity, your own PERSONAL TRAINER… You really can’t do any better than that, so get in touch and GET YOUR MOTOR RUNNING!

* Based on normal price of £10 registration and £35 per week for 3 Saturday afternoon training sessions totalling £115. This is purely a guide and training may require less or more sessions to complete. But don’t worry, we’re here to work with you and provide the best CBT training available.